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What is the difference between the rollers of the roller crusher?
Time:2017/7/7 15:41:11

New type of double roll crusher every light roller machine driven by a single point, useful also a motor through a belt drive Fei move the light of the fixed bearing roller, through light roller gear Fei dynamic activity, due to the material properties of making activity rolls around, so high gear must be increased, in case the tooth out, so, traditional double roll crusher is used long gear transmission, it can allow work to change the two roller center distance not broken tooth features.

Of roller machine, the working surface of the roll depending on the use requirement, can choose light roll or tooth surface or on the surface of the groove, broken is hard, strong abrasive materials, can choose light roller, because light roller for material crushing effect is mainly crushing and grinding effect, mainly is suitable for medium hard materials, finely.

Type slot with a grooved roller broken material, besides have squeezing effect, also Jian shearing action, suitable for the low strength of brittle materials or wet strong sex, product granularity and the groove surface roller can also help the material into the crushing cavity, and when you need to get large crushing ratio, general appropriate by the roll groove surface. Tooth surface roller for material crushing effect is mainly accompanied by shear extrusion, splitting, therefore is suitable for crushing with flake joint soft and friable materials of low hardness, such as coal, dry clay, shale, etc., product size is even, broken groove surface and tooth surface roller is not suitable for crushing hard materials.

Equipment in use do not long after the period not easy to rust, ventilation of roll crusher can be installed on the concrete extrusion or installed on the floor of the building, in order to better sustain the machine at work prosperous uneven force, placed under the chassis wood, make the whole machine and wood joint.

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